Cristiano Ronaldo: his love stories


Cristiano Ronaldo: the 15 love stories of the Ballon d’Or king

Being handsome, a millionaire, and having one of the most solid careers in professional soccer, who could resist him? Cristiano Ronaldo is the man of more than one woman’s dreams. It is completely normal that the list of loves and heartbreaks of the athlete is quite long. Throughout his career Cristiano has become a real heartthrob. In this article, we will show you the women who conquered him and managed to leave a mark.


Not So Rich, Not So Handsome

Can you imagine Cristiano Ronaldo being unattractive and poor? Well, you don’t have to imagine much. The truth is that this is what the soccer player’s childhood was like. Cristiano was born in one of the poorest neighborhoods in Madeira and his family barely had enough to survive.

Not so rich, not so handsome

The athlete slept with his three brothers in a very small room, because the house where he lived had no more space. Fortunately, since he was a little boy, he started playing soccer, a sport that would take him far…very far.


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