8 Moves To Workout Every Day


Although many people dread working out and avoid it, movement can help you feel better in your body on a daily basis. With these easy and effective fitness moves, you can get stronger and feel good doing it. Some high-impact exercises aren’t appealing — working out is all about finding something that you enjoy and that makes you feel more fulfilled. Here are the most essential moves that can be completed (and modified) by all energy and fitness levels. They can all be done without any equipment, but you can add on resistance bands to increase challenges over time.

1. Plank

Whether it’s done on the forearms or the toes, this is one of the best strengtheners for the lower back and core. You can work up the time you spend on this, but start out holding one for 20-30 seconds. You can make it harder by holding for longer and doing knee taps on the ground, and you can make it easier by planking from your knees. It also makes progressing to a full pushup much easier. To target the obliques, do a side plank.


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