You can clean cloudy glasses with this simple cleaning tip



Cloudy glasses will become clear again with this trick!


One of the best inventions of the century is definitely the dishwasher, wouldn’t you agree? We’re saving so much time every day by not having to do all of our dirty dishes by hand. Unfortunately, the dishwasher does come with a downside; after a while, your drinking glasses will come out with a cloudy white film on them. Even after rinsing the glasses, they can’t be saved anymore. Or so it might seem… With this trick, you’ll be able to fix those cloudy glasses very easily.


White corrosion on your favourite wine glasses will be a thing of the past.




The cloudy film on your glasses is a build-up of minerals caused by hard water. Stubborn food scraps or scratches in the glasses can also cause a white film, though. So, how can you find out whether the cloudiness is caused by hard water or by scratches? Simple: rub a drop of white vinegar on the cloudy surface using your finger. If the cloudiness disappears or moves, it’s limescale caused by hard water. If the cloudy film doesn’t disappear there are probably some scratches on the glass.


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