Top 7 Most Expensive Pieces of Cargo Lost Forever


If you lose a phone or a wallet on your way home, chances are, you can backtrack and have a decent chance of retrieving it. But if you’re a cargo ship, however, you might be screwed. If you lose your cargo, odds are it’ll sink to the dark depths of the ocean, and no one will ever find it again.

There are more than a handful of examples of spoils of war being transported back to the victory’s country and somehow disappearing along the way. Let’s take a look at some of the most expensive cargoes that are probably still somewhere out there.

1. The Train of Walbrzych

This is the infamous Nazi gold train. It was rumored to have about 300 tons of gold, jewelry, art, and other expensive things on it, but it never arrived at its destination. In fact, we have no idea where it went missing or if it even existed in the first place. If we assume that it did exist and had 300 tons of gold on it, however, its modern-day value would be just shy of 20 billion dollars.


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