The Top 10 Expensive Airports For Private Jet Landings


It goes without saying that building and maintaining airports is quite expensive. Airports cost millions to build and millions to maintain all around the world. Because of this, airports are quite expensive in addition to serving as a means of transportation. While the price tag associated with building an airport merits mention? We won’t concentrate on that in this article. We shall instead concentrate on a topic that receives far less attention. Have you ever wondered what it costs owners of private jets to land their aircraft at various airports and which one is the most expensive? You’re going to find out, though!

So, here are the Top 10 Expensive Airports for Private Jet Landings

10. Salzburg Airport, Austria ($3,800)

The second-largest airport in all of Austria is this one. It was given to the great Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart as a commission. This airport’s popularity is not a result of its expensive construction, but rather because it is close to some of Austria’s most charming ski resorts. This explains why this airport charges so much to host private planes, in actuality.


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