19 Most Dangerous Bridges in the World

Even though bridges are made to safely assist people access areas that are separated by water or rugged landscape, some bridges in the world seem not to have the definition of safe. They are considered the most dangerous and terrifying bridges to cross. Crossing them would need you to have the courage and be prepared for any outcome.

Here is a list of 19 of the most dangerous bridges in the world.

Ice Road Truckers

As presented in the famous series Ice road truckers one of the deadliest cutouts leading to the Rohtang Pass. In springtime when the snow melts, the roads are eroded and leave spectacular formations in the rocks. Would you dare to drive around this path?

Hussaini Hanging Bridge

Located in the Upper Hunza, Pakistan, the bridge crosses the Borit Lake. Surprisingly the bridge is made of ropes and timber. In between the wood, there are significant gaps that in case one falls they will land in the Borit Lake.

The bridge is poorly maintained and what makes it even more dangerous are the strong winds that sway the bridge. In the event you are crossing you are swung from left to right. Recently the bridge has become a tourist attraction, but only the strong heart take the risk of crossing it.

Vitim River Bridge


This is an old six-foot-wide path train bridge in Russia lacking barriers on its sides. It is entirely made of wood, and most of the pieces are missing. Word has since it was constructed no improvement has been done to replace the old rotten planks.

The area where the bridge is located is covered with ice almost the whole year making the bridge to be very slippery and therefore very dangerous. In addition, as you drive across the bridge you have to keep the windows open to enable strong winds pass through the car and avoid being knocked over and drown in the freezing water below. Very few individuals have been known to make it across the bridge.

Royal Gorge Bridge

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Located in Colorado, the Royal Gorge Bridge crosses over the Arkansas River. It is a whopping 956 feet (291.39 m) above the river. The bridge was constructed in 1929 at the cost of $350,000 majorly for tourists. Over 350,000 people visit the bridge every year which shows how popular the bridge is.

The Royal Gorge Bridge at one time held the record for the tallest bridge in the world. 291.39 m above is what makes the bridge terrifying for those who are uncomfortable with heights.

Quepos Bridge


Located in Costa Rica, the bridge was built between the 1930s to transport bananas by train to the port of Quepos. The bridge only allows one vehicle to move one way at a time since the bridge is very narrow. The bridge is so dangerous that it has been named ‘The Bridge of Death.’

Monkey Bridges


These are crazy bridges made by hand using one single bamboo rod and on the side only one handrail for support. The bridges are found in Vietnam. They were given the name monkey since as you cross them you take the posture of a monkey to avoid falling. You need to be very cautious while crossing one misguided step can be very fatal and lead to death.

Kakum Canopy Walk


Kokum Canopy Walk is located in Ghana, Kokum National Park. It holds the record of being the only walk in a park in Africa. Suspended 40 feet (12.19 m) above the ground the walkway is made up of seven bridges that hang from trees.

The Walkway was designed by Canadians for the main reason to boost tourism. The Materials used to make it makes it dangerous. They include spans of steel, wooden planks, and steel.

Aiguille du Mudi


Hanging at the height of about 3700 meters above sea level, Aiguille du Mudi bridge was drilled through the Aiguille du Mudi mountains found in Chamonix, France. It has a 360 degree clear view of the highest mountaintops in Europe, Mont Blanc.

The bridge is only accessed by cable cars and so if you’re not comfortable with heights don’t dare think of visiting this bridge.

Mount Huashan


The Chang Kong Cliff Road is a walkway with narrow and steep stairs, located in China. It’s more than 700 years old and was built by monks, who were seeking immortals in the mountains. The stairs are made from wood, the height is mesmerising and the walkway sometimes is only 30 cm wide. Due to the high level of fatalities authorities are considering to regulate the use of this path.

Musou Tsuribashi Bridge


The bridge is located in Japan and is well-known as the ‘The Scariest Bridge in Japan.’ It is a bridge that even the brave heart are advised not to dare cross. The bridge was constructed in the 1950s. The primary reason why it’s the most is the materials holding it in position.

It is made of small wood planks evenly that are held together using wires. The middle section has only two planks for walking on. The significance of the smaller wood pieces is to maintain stability for the bridge.

In addition to the dreadful state of the bridge, it is not easy reaching it. One has to climb the wall of the mountain holding on to metal chains as the only support.

Mount Titlis Bridge

Boosting as the highest suspended bridge in Europe, Mount Titlis Bridge is 3,041metrea above sea level and 500 meters above ground. The bridge is 100 meters long and one meter wide. The bridge due to weather interruptions was constructed in 5 months.

Titlis hangs on steel cables, and you will need a heart of a lion to cross this bridge. Though it is terrifying to use the bridge the view of Swiss Alps down from the deck is spectacular. On clear days it is possible to see Italy.

During the commissioning of the bridge the spokesman assured people the bridge was ‘100% safe’ as a mentality has been created that it was not safe.

Marienbruecke Bridge

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The bridge is located in Marienbruecke, Germany and dates back to 1840. It was built by Crown Prince Maximillan ll as a birthday gift to a friend. Underneath the bridge is the rocky wall of the mountain. There is no chance of surviving if you accidentally fall of the bridge.

Puente de Ojuela Bridge

The bridge is found in Mexico and was made in the 19th Century. Its principal purpose was to transport goods when mining was active in Mexico. Currently, it is a tourist attraction feature.

The two reasons that can send shivers down your spine are that the bridge sways from side to side and secondly it made of wood planks which have unprotected gaps and one is able to see the ground from the deck.

Iya Kazurashi Bridge

Located in Japan the history of the Iya Kazurashi Bridge is a mystery as no one knows who actually built it. There also exist other bridges similar to Iya Kazurashi. It is believed that the bridge was contrasted by people who wanted to run away from the Genji Clan.

Iya Kazurashi Bridge is made of ropes and wood. Seemingly it was made in such a way that after crossing it, the cords could be easily cut to destroy the bridge and so prevent attack from the enemies.

So just imagine crossing a bridge that the builder had no intention of it lasting and could be used as a way to fight an enemy. I believe you have the answer to that.

Qeswachaka Bridge


Build to assist in crossing Apurimac River Canyon in Japan, Qeswachaka Bridge was constructed using six long strands of grass into cables and tied to the branches of Eucalyptus trees.

Being an old bridge, it has an ancient design and what qualifies it as a dangerous bridge is that the material it is made from deteriorates so fast forcing maintenance to be done on a yearly basis.

Mackinac Bridge

Just imagine facing winds with speeds exceeding 30 miles per hour, 199 feet above a massive water body and 2.5 miles away from land on both sides!

This is the danger you face when crossing the 5 miles long, 199 feet above sea level Mackinac Bridge. The winds are so strong they can even push vehicles off the bridge

The Bridge is located in Michigan between the lower and upper Peninsulas. The bridge authorities on occasions offer expert drivers to tourists and visitors who become nervous while driving across the bridge.

The Eshima Ohashi Bridge

William Preston Bridge was constructed in after so much planning and posting the project. Located in Maryland, the bridge crosses the Chesapeake Bay in the US. The bridge is 5 miles long and 186 feet above water level.

William Preston Lane Bridge

A beautiful place to start improving your driving skills… or not. This is everything but a normal bridge. It is one of the world’s largest rigid-frame bridges located in Japan. Big and heavy vehicles are not allowed to enter for a good reason.

Alam Bridge

One of the scariest bridges around the world is built from wood and iron rods and is more than 300 meters in length. High weight vehicles above 20 tons are not allowed to pass and the speed limit is strictly regulated by local authorities.


There are many more bridges considered dangerous in the world. If you love touring and exploring always take time to know the dangers associated with these bridges. Some may not be worth the risk of crossing since they are just too risky. Some have risks, but they are worth paying a visit. As you plan to visit the bridges, remember to have a great time. Happy touring!