15 Celebrities Photoshopped Next to their Younger Selves

We watch celebrities every other time doing their thing on stage or onscreen and we always talk about how they look now but wouldn’t it be interesting to go down memory lane and see or remember what they looked like back then?
Here are some celebrities photoshopped next to their younger selves

1. Christina Applegate

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She is an American actress and dancer. When Christina Applegate was a child, she played the role of Kelly Bundy on the Fox sitcom Married with Children. Later she established a film and television career. She won Emmy Award and was also nominated for a Golden Globe Award.Christina’s younger self has a friendly and a supportive attitude. She is young, sexy and the determined look hasn’t faded over the years.

2. Pink

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This picture of Pink carrying her younger self definitely looks like Pink carrying her little girl, Willow Sage. The resemblance is very striking. It’s so cute how Pink was once just a little girl who enjoyed piggyback rides just like the rest of us did, judging by the big smile on her face.

3. Leonardo Di Caprio

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The Titanic star was photoshopped with his younger self and well, his hair is running the show. The younger Leonardo looks amazing as the average American guy wearing a flannel and rocking longer and brighter hair. His older self has a beard, darker hair and obviously a bigger body but he still looks like his younger self.

4. Ed Sheeran

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Looks like the singer has been a redhead all his life. His physique definitely doesn’t scream “your everyday star,” rather the average guy. I mean Ed Sheeran does wear spectacles but this picture of the younger him just makes us feel like even the most ordinary guy can turn into a big star one day.

5. Julia Roberts

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Undoubtedly one of the best actresses of our time, Julia Roberts looks so beautiful next to her younger self. Not too much has changed really when you compare these two images of her. She is still very beautiful and how sweet is this posture? It almost looks like she went back in time to tell her younger self, “girl, you will be among the greatest stars someday.”

6. Bruno Mars

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Clearly, not much has changed here either. The star was photoshopped next to his younger self wearing the biggest smile, one of a star for sure and his hair is also something cool spotted on him. His younger self is definitely good-looking, happy, confident and very photogenic if this picture is anything to go by. Kind of what he grew up to become.

7. Matt Le Blanc

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If you are a big fan of friends then this is a picture that definitely throws you back to those days. He played Joey on Friends and this is a picture that reminds us of that funny, witty guy who graced our screens back then. The present version of Matt Le Blanc is spotting more refined look, of course, because of age.

8. Janet Jackson

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She was definitely one beautiful young lady that’s for sure but what’s even amazing is that she has maintained her beauty if this picture is anything to go by. Janet who is still very energetic in her music and performances to date is still a star we like to watch. This picture somehow takes us back to her years on “Different Strokes.” That was pretty much her look back then.

9. Macaulay Culkin

Who doesn’t remember Kevin McCallister, that cute little boy who made us all watch Home Alone? Hard to believe that the guy is now thirty eight years old. Well, this picture shows that he still has the same face which is amazing. While he definitely grew, the guy pretty much made us enjoy Christmas in front of our TVs and we still love him for that.

10. Henry Winkler

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This is one amazing picture featuring the famous “Fonzie” in recent times standing next to his very young, handsome self from back in the day. Same smile don’t you think? We can very easily say Henry Winkler definitely has a way of taking a picture that makes us smile too. It’s nice to be reminded of how he looked like with darker, fuller hair once again.

11. Sylvester Stallone

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This looks like a cool picture of two guys in the middle of a cool handshake, except it’s one person. Sylvester Stallone looks like he is giving his younger self a pat on the back here from the happy look on his face and the fist. Honestly, he looks happier and more fulfilled as an older man.

12. Louis Tomlinson

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This is a nice picture featuring Louis Tomlinson holding himself as a little boy. He was definitely a cute boy and has grown into a heartthrob. Looks like the One Direction member started stealing hearts a long time ago. He does look a bit different but that’s nothing strange. Many people change over the years.

13. John Mayer

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This picture of John Mayer makes it look like he could have had the best of both worlds. It features the artist very casually dressed holding himself as a little boy wearing a shirt and tie, as if ready to take the price for first place in a science contest.

14. Mel B

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Undoubtedly, the only difference in this picture of Mel B is in the hair and outfit. Otherwise, she hasn’t aged at all. This picture looks like two sisters very close in age if not twins. What a way to age. Just like fine wine and we wish she could give us her secret to staying young.

15. Courtney Cox

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She was one pretty girl that’s for sure. The Friends star is wearing her hair short revealing her beautiful face in both versions of herself. She definitely looks more mature and stronger now but still has that beautiful smile. We also can’t help but notice the difference in attire. Her style has also definitely evolved.